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Orange County Divorce Lawyer | Family Law Attorneys

At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP, we are committed to helping families in Orange County avoid unnecessary conflict and settle disputes in ways that are constructive, healthy, and beneficial to every party involved. Our Orange County family law attorneys understand that every legal issue – whether a divorce, child custody dispute, paternity suit, or anything in between – is highly complex and unique. We promise our unwavering support through the process.

Orange County Family Law Attorneys

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner attorneys are experienced in every type of family law. No matter how rare your situation, we have likely seen it before. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Divorce. Our Orange County divorce attorneys understand that marriages come to an end for a variety of different reasons. We will take the time to explain your rights and obligations, as well as what you can reasonably expect. Whether your case involves a contested divorce, uncontested divorce, annulment, dissolution of a domestic partnership, or legal separation, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired results.
  • Child support. Divorces are usually more complicated when young children are involved, and a priority is making sure children receive adequate support. We work to ensure the financial figure is fair to you, your ex-spouse, and your children. We do this through access to the same Dissomaster® program the California courts use.
  • Child custody. Divorces become problematic if your ex-spouse is unwilling to relent on certain issues. One area that often causes stress and tribulation is child custody. At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, we understand the responsibility that comes with caring for children. We work hard to make sure your children are cared for and your wishes are fulfilled.
  • Division of marital property. When divorce begins, you may quickly realize it is more complicated than simply signing papers and entering the next phase of your life. It also involves the division of property and assets – which is often confusing and quarrelsome. The division of marital property typically requires legal expertise to interpret contracts and ownership. Our family law attorneys are skilled and experienced at accurately and efficiently settling these disputes.
  • Pre/post nuptial agreements. Whether you and your spouse foresee trouble down the road or merely want to be cautious, pre and post nuptial agreements are a wise idea. We can help write, facilitate, and oversee the process of signing these documents and are fully prepared to answer any questions.
  • Paternity suits. Uncertain of your child’s paternity? A paternity suit can be an effective way to settle this dispute when other parties are not willing to conduct tests on their own. By filing a paternity action, the court can force both sides to conduct non-invasive tests. The results of these tests can determine things such as child custody and support.

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner

At Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, we take pride in our unrelenting yet compassionate approach to family law. We believe in representing and supporting our clients through difficult times by helping them achieve their desired results. Much of our success is rooted in our promise to deliver positive verdicts through high quality, aggressive work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today. As a successful, cost-effective family law solution in Orange County, at Wilkinson & Finkbeiner our Orange County divorce attorneys have earned a reputation for achieving positive results. We relish the opportunity to prove it. From our family to yours, you can expect care throughout this difficult and straining process. For a free case evaluation and confidential consultation, contact us today! We will give you a complimentary case outlook and let you know what can reasonably be expected and how we suggest proceeding. You can reach our Orange County family lawyers at 949.955.9155.